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Learn how to quickly and easily understand what on your site works, what elements stand out most to your customer, and what needs immediate improvement to help you move closer to your goals.

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On how to use the same FREE tool used by pro designers, marketers, and copywriters alike so you can visually figure out if your website converts in real time. Hint hint: This is NOT about Google Analytics ;) 

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    I'm Megan, a Branding and Marketing Strategist for Creative Industry Women.

    With 8 years experience in biz running a digital download shop, speaking at conferences, collaborating with dream brands, & booking 5 figure custom design clients, I share all that I've learned (and what I continue to learn!) about building a magnetic brand, effective marketing, and the science of conversion.

    My mission is to show you how to use the tools we have to grow your brand online and position it in front of the right buyers so you can focus on what makes you profitable & the things you love! 

    I promise to keep it real and relevant around here to help you make it happen!


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